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How to maintain the useful life of your equipment?

Whenever we deliver our equipment, our technicians provide a series of recommendations to ensure the proper use of your Wolf drill.

The proposal is to prevent any problem that appears during production, and we have a series of recommendations to be followed in order to avoid stopping your production.

Follow us for the tips we will give.

  1. PERFORM PREVENTIVE CHECK UPS: Follow our recommendations in the WOLF equipment manual and carry out daily, weekly and monthly check ups and fill in production and consumption reports.
  2. KNOW WHEN TO PERFORM PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Follow our recommendations and perform the PMP WOLF according to the working hours of your drill and guarantee the continuous production of your equipment.
  3. COUNT ON OUR TEAM FOR ORDERS AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Don’t forget our after-sales team and technicians who are attentive to any need that may arise and are at your disposal.

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