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P.M.P. - Preventive Maintenance Plan

Extended Warranty

Wolf CARE+

You Work, We Care!

P.M.P. - Preventive Maintenance Program:

Scheduled Maintenance carefully following the PMP, developed by our team of technicians and engineers*, to maintain the useful life of your equipment.

*Except wear parts and lubricants.

Extended Warranty:

Worry about winning more projects, let WOLF take care of your drill for you. We offer an extended warranty covering machine components, except Diesel Engine. You’ll get more benefits like an extra year of coverage on your equipment, extra discounts on parts and service, and priority service.

Wolf CARE+ is:

A Program Developed by Wolf, for you to maintain your continuous production, carrying out preventive follow-up according to the factory assistance intervals to maximize performance and minimize unexpected downtime.

Regular visits – Maintenance of your equipment is always up to date.

WOLF Care+ preventive visits reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns, increasing the availability of your equipment. Our technicians are highly qualified to carry out the necessary checks, always bringing the best performance from your WOLF Drill.

Do you want to increase the useful life of your equipment?

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