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How to Drill? Step by Step

Below, we see a sequence of images, representing the drilling and blasting process.

First of all, a soil analysis is carried out, where the drilling mesh is defined, along with the depth and other specifications such as the drilling diameter.
This information is essential for choosing the ideal equipment for your production.

Then drilling begins. The operator is always instructed how to proceed. If it will have any specific pattern or if it will change it at some point. Everything also depends on the rock that he drills, as there may be changes for this reason (if it is a harder, fragmented rock or other abnormalities, such as changes in strata and veins of sand or mud in the rock), being taken into account at the time of drilling. drilling and blasting.

Everything that happens in the quarry, the operator knows and must report it at the time of detonation, since he is the detonator’s eyes there.
After the information between them is exchanged, the detonation is ready to proceed.
The layout must be properly designed, as variation from the pattern can result in changes in product size throughout the operation.
After the detonation we have the result. Smaller or larger rocks, result of mesh planning.

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