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FOX 8-20: Those who have the first one don’t want to be left with just one!

High production and economy guarantee customer satisfaction with the equipment. With the investment made and the return guaranteed, you come back and buy the second, the third… The FOX 8-20 hydraulic drill has a consumption of 14 l/h and an average production of 35 linear m/h. In addition to low diesel consumption, it ensures high […]

SONIC 3500: One equipment, multiple functions!

SONIC 3500 is a hydraulic attachment for excavators. The combination of two pieces of equipment for high production and economy, with the aim of optimizing your production and ensuring the highest yield of all your equipment. Did you know that in addition to the low investment and maintenance cost, operational simplicity and long application range, […]

How to maintain the useful life of your equipment?

Whenever we deliver our equipment, our technicians provide a series of recommendations to ensure the proper use of your Wolf drill. The proposal is to prevent any problem that appears during production, and we have a series of recommendations to be followed in order to avoid stopping your production. Follow us for the tips we […]

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